Anybody who works with horses on a daily basis – requiring workload from them with precision riding and looking to have them on their side even during the most difficult of lessons – must provide their horses with suitable accommodation and the best possible conditions for training. It is for that reason, that we have geared our new facilities towards the needs of our riding and stud horses, down to the tiniest detail. The lighting, air and space conditions are perfect.

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16 stalls, each 3.5 x 3.8 metres in size, house our riding horses. Sufficient cleaning areas, a wash stall and a solarium are available for the daily relaxation program before and after riding.

In addition to the riding arena with its wonderfully sprung floor, there is an outside riding arena with international dimensions of 20 x 60 metres. Bridleways makes diversified work possible.

Housed separately are our brood mares with their foals which, after the summer months on spacious meadows, are able to spend the cold season in large open areas with paddock access.

HORSES DELUX is synonymous with profession and professionalism. This applies to our own small breeding and rearing facilities, the fostering of our top horses, the training of our sellable talents, the training and courses we offer – and last but not least to our dealings with our customers. Perfect service is our objective!

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